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The DATASCOPE University

As Tony Buzan (author, and inventor of mind mapping) once said; “Learning how to learn is life's most important skill”. At DATASCOPE we have been searching for the most effective ways to deliver training to our Customers and Partners.


Globally, online training is gaining momentum as one of the key tools in providing good quality, high value training. While online training will never replace the hands-on approach, or the role of a trainer (On-site training), it very successfully complements the learning process.

Some of the compelling reasons to move to online training include:

The DATASCOPE University is currently under construction, we have liaised with learning experts in South Africa, as well as abroad, to ensure that our offering will be top-notch. We envisage a DATASCOPE University website run on an LMS (Learning Management System). Various courses and training modules will be geared towards “Training Roles” and these will be continuously updated and revised. We firmly believe that providing this training service will enhance our status as THE premier provider of WMS solutions.

Published in Newsletter Edition 027 - July 2014