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Project Management Methodology – The Key to Successful Project Implementation

When flying around the country, we get to speak to top executives from industry and often the topic of IT Projects come up. 

On many occasions, we hear comments like, “Make sure you have a big cheque book;  Always over budget; Put my business at risk as I battled to deliver for the first month; It did not meet our expectations”; and so on.

At DATASCOPE, what we have found through sometimes bitter experience is that one must have and stick to a solid Project Management (PM) Methodology during an IT Software implementation.  This methodology does a few vital things; viz:

One important point is that the PM Methodology is never an end state.  In other words it is not a static audit document but rather must continually get improved after every implementation.  All learnings must be filtered back and included into the methodologies quality requirements.
Now one may be saying, “What is this PM Methodology all about?”  In DATASCOPE’s opinion, the key elements are as follows:

Now the above all sounds like quite a mouth full.  It face it is and the only way this can be successfully accomplished within a 8-12 week period, is by sticking to DATASDCOPE’s PM Methodology every step of the way!

Published in Edition 027 - July 2014