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SYSPRO 7.0 and WMS Readiness

SYSPRO 7 recently went to RTM (Which stands for Release To Manufacture). This means that we can now start testing and preparing DATASCOPE WMS to support this new SYSPRO version.

Many changes have gone into SYSPRO 7.0 which will require a large investment of time and effort from DATASCOPE’s side. Database changes and changes to fundamental core processes in SYSPRO affect WMS greatly and need to be thoroughly catered for and tested. We are expecting a SYSPRO 7.0 compatible version by the end of September 2014… Watch this space!

“One of the primary features of SYSPRO 7 is larger field sizes, which not only allows you to capture more data in key areas, but it also allows for much higher transaction volumes.  Being able to specify the number of characters you wish to display for key fields allows you to capture more significant master data, making your data easier to use, and allowing you to determine how many characters are significant to you…..” Quote off SYSPRO 7 Website.


Published in Edition 027 - July 2014