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Trends in Distribution

 As the world moves further and further away from the industrial age and deeper into the information age, consumer expectations are becoming far more demanding. Your clients are no long looking for a great product to purchase, this they take for granted.

What they are looking for now is the whole purchasing experience.

Steve Jobs was a fanatic on this.

Beside the product being of exceptional quality, the buyers experience must be rewarding to say the least. Right down to the store experience or the product packaging, the experience is all part of the “product”.

So how do you differentiate your products in your market? No doubt you have a great quality product. You would not be in business today if you did not. But does the product get to the consumer fast, efficiently and well presented?

Implementing a world class warehouse management systems (WMS) strategically differentiates your product offering. Not only are you able to give your client a true commitment of delivery, you are also able to pick and pack the customer’s order correctly, timeously and in a professional manner.
Let’s say you could offer your clients a 2 hour turn around on any order? Or, let’s say you could pack your clients order by product type or by their customers’ requirements? What would this do to your market share? You think this is stretching things a bit far? Look at the on-line ordering market. It has taken a while to grow but there is no turning it back now. This form of supply will continue to grow and expand over the coming years. Are you ready for this? What would your business need now to enable you to be there in future?

Some thoughts to get you thinking…

Anton Jurgens


Published in Edition 027 - July 2014