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For over 20 years, Rialto has had an impassioned desire to bring you the world’s best in imported foods.

Rialto personally procures and purvey private label products and leading brands from around the world for both Retail and Food Service industries in South Africa, whilst continuing to innovate and lead sustainably through their deep understanding of authentic foods.

During 2013, DATASCOPE implemented its Warehouse Management System at Patleys.  The Patleys Company was recently procured by the Libstar Group.  Many of the Patleys’ brands were incorporated into Rialto Foods.  DATASCOPE has for many years been keen to get our products into the Lipstar Group and this was an opportunity we were waiting for.

In June 2016 the DATASCOPE WMS project was approved for the Rialto Distribution Centre in Montague Gardens and the Rialto Factory in Milnerton.  It was decided to implement the Factory first after their peak period.  A full stock take took place over the weekend of the 18th February with go-live on the 20th.

Rialto has seen the following benefits of DATASCOPE’s WMS:

As Artwell Mushanguri (Rialto’s Factory Manager) had to say, “DATASCOPE WMS has brought a recreation of a production line and a warehouse & distribution operation that is ‘virtual’, which I can track at the click of a button. Production, Warehousing and Distribution activities are now stream lined and lean, with a dashboard view but the detail is not lost. Now I can go on the Factory floor with SMART objectives”

The Distribution Centre implementation has now started.  DATASCOPE looks forward to work with Rialto and Lipstar Groups into the future.