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The DATASCOPE North American operation has moved into their new offices in Charlotte, North Carolina. The new office brings sufficient space to allow for the expected staff growth in the USA. We envisage a team of five resources based in this office within the next four months. 

The office comes with a suitable entrance hall, conference room, training center and seating for some twenty staff. A full Zoom kit has been installed in the boardroom. We have also installed two DSP support Zoom kits in the support office where our technical support staff will be able to interact with our DSPs and or our end customers. 

We have made it a standard now in North America that every DATASCOPE WMS customer will have a Zoom video conference kit on their site during the project implementation phase. This allows us to communicate professionally with all new clients during the critical implementation project while reducing the cost of air travel. After go live, the client will have the option to purchase the Zoom kit for the future. We are planning to offer regular training and support to our customers and DSPs using this medium.

We are pleased to announce that the DATASCOPE North America operation is growing well with another three implementations currently in progress and a potential four more in the pipeline for late 2017/ early 2018. Our decision to expand into North America is proving to be a wise one.