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A lot of careful planning and preparation usually precedes DATASCOPE’s annual Super User Training Course.  This year was no exception.

We hosted this annual event at our Midrand offices on the 13th and 14th October 2016, and it was well attended and very well received. The theme of the two-day course was focused on MANAGING.  A Warehouse Management System like DATASCOPE WMS is implemented into businesses for that very reason – to manage your warehouse.  We therefore thought the theme very appropriate for what DATASCOPE drives within an organization. We opened the Course on day 1 with covering the basics (WMS terminology, golden rules, and foundational concepts), moving on to suggested warehouse organograms, staff KPI’s and reporting controls, and touching on how to manage your WMS hardware.  We touched on how to manage a WMS Balance Report, how to manage pick face bins and we demo’ed our new WMS Maintenance Tool, which is designed to periodically check and fix anomalies within the WMS environment (e.g. automatic unshipping of stock from invalid picking bins).  Later in the day, we touched on the E.Net Logging Tools we now have in place and demo’ed our new WMS Troubleshooting Tool, designed to make the Super User’s daily function a whole lot easier to investigate and analyze WMS errors and process failures in the operation. During day 2, we covered the logic of Cycle Counting, how to successfully manage a Stock Take and the benefits and highlights of both of these features.  Julia then took the team through some “hidden gems” in the WMS software (useful features that are in DATASCOPE WMS which you might not be aware of).  We demo’ed some new functionality – WMS VB Scripting, SYSPRO extensions (viewing WMS pick slip information from within SYSPRO’s Sales Order Entry screen) and WMS Plug-ins – and these were very well received. We ended the two days with detailing our new DATASCOPE University platform (a modern eLearning initiative we have launched) as well as showcasing our DATASCOPE User Forum (designed to provide a wealth of information to the end-user of typical error messages and the like). Overall, the two days were thoroughly enjoyed by all, and opened up many avenues of discussion and interaction.  Each delegate was presented with a Super User certificate and a flash drive containing valuable resource material. We have hosted these annual events for the past five years, and we look forward to hosting the next one in 2017!