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DATASCOPE WMS has added a new offering to it solution called the DATASCOPE WMS SYSPRO Extensions.

These are a set of SYSPRO panes, which expose some selected DATASCOPE WMS functionality. The SYSPRO user thus is accessing DATASCOPE information or executing DATASCOPE functions without even realizing it as the functionality is seamlessly embedded into the SYSPRO client. Currently, two panes are available. One is a DATASCOPE Available Stock panel, which provides an accurate sellable stock quantity available. This ensures, that when a sales person makes a commitment or gives feedback regarding stock availability, the information provided is 100% accurate. A second panel shows picking slip information related to a particular sales order and even allows the user to release new picking slips on ending the order in SYSPRO. Again, this allows for the customer facing sales person to get access to relevant information regarding the picking status from within an environment that he or she is comfortable with. These panels can be deployed easily into the SYSPRO environment using roles, or can be setup per user through just a few simple clicks.