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The DATASCOPE software has been improved yet again. In line with our scalability development objectives, the development team has rolled out VB Scripting functionality into a range of screens in the software.

These scripts can be triggered from almost any field on the selected screens as well as from buttons and grids. This functionality adds huge value in our ability to customize a site without having to develop in the core software layer which tends to be time consuming and expensive. The functionality is already being used extensively on two new sites. In one site we have added a layer of customization triggers from the standard job receiving screen. This client can now collect a range of their key data entries on each job receipt, calculate them, record them to a new SQL table and take the resulting data and return it to the Job receipt screen before posting the transaction. The second client is developing a full integration into a third party logistics provider (3PL) using VB Scripts from various checkout screens in DATASCOPE WMS. Learn more on this exciting new functi onality by viewing the following training session WATCH VIDEO