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During the months of October and November, SYSPRO Canada held a roadshow event named the “SYSPRO Inspire Conference” in three major cities in Canada.

DATASCOPE was invited to host an exhibition stand and to hold one of the customer talk sessions. Rod Matheson of Logi-Solution, a Canadian DATASCOPE DSP (DATASCOPE Solution Provider) led the presentation. His message to the SYSPRO community here in Canada was to explain how he as a SYSPRO VAR had battled to find a suitable WMS partner for his clients. He explained how he completed a full investigation into 9 different WMS solutions in 2015 and ended up selecting DATASCOPE WMS as the preferred solution for his SYSPRO clients. From there Rod worked with DATASCOPE on the implementation of a large local kitchen utensil distributor in Montreal. Rod shared his learning and experience of the DATASCOPE software and implementation methodologies. He explained their satisfaction with the results and suggested that other SYSPRO companies would find huge value in implementing DATASCOPE WMS into their operations. Since the events in Halifax, Toronto and Vancouver, Rod has been very busy with a number of leads from this event. We expect to have some exciting new customers early into 2017.