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A WMS software solution is one of the most critical components of any distribution operation. The software should be as robust as possible but in addition to that, have as many self-healing capabilities as possible.

This means, that the system identifies problems in its environment and, where it has control over it, fixes the problem automatically before it is even noticed by the operation. This ensures greater customer satisfaction as less delays are experienced due to system issues in the day to day warehousing operations.

The DATASCOPE Support Department has developed a “WMS Maintenance Service”, which is a free add-on to the DATASCOPE WMS software suite. It quietly runs in the background and can be configured to execute a selection of the following tasks which are suitable to a company’s environment.

Tasks include:

SYSPRO Un-Ship from Invalid Bin’s

Automatically identify where a user in SYSPRO has shipped stock in SYSPRO against a job or sales order, that was not managed by DATASCOPE WMS. This stock is automatically un-shipped, so that a picking slip can released and the physical pick can be executed.

Cancelled Sales Orders

Automatically cancel picking slips, if the sales order was cancelled before the first pick has been done against a sales order. This ensures that as little as possible pointless picking work is done, where the WMS system already knows that the action is in vain. 

Remove Obsolete Allocations and Reservations

This removes reservations on stock where the sales order or job was cancelled in SYSPRO before the picking slip was released or completed. Thus ensuring that stock becomes immediately available again for other sales orders or jobs.

Reprint Failed Picking Slips

In case of picking slips not being physically printed due to printer problems, network problems, etc., the maintenance service identifies these and attempts to re-prints the picking slip. This ensures that the picking operation is not delayed due to temporary IT problems.


The service automatically purges information in various log and history tables and can also re-index the WMS database tables. Which information is purged and according to which retention periods is configurable. This it to ensure that DATASCOPE WMS continues to execute as optimally as possible.

Restart IIS & Printer Spooler

Some IT departments might decide to automatically re-start the Windows printer spooler and Microsoft Internet Information Server on a daily schedule for good measure.

All of the tasks described above can also be executed in “log only mode”, which means that the service identifies potential problems but does not execute these.

Please contact your WMS site champion for more information and implementation at your site.

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