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With a very successful DATASCOPE WMS implementation in Canada last year, we have been receiving an increasing number of requests for proposals in Canada and the United States. 

In June 2016, Anton and Ben Jurgens met with a number of potential clients in both countries and received a warm welcome. The WMS needs in these markets are almost identical to the needs here in South Africa and the market is clearly ready for a product such as DATASCOPE’s. By the end of the visit the first of these clients had signed up to implement DATASCOPE WMS. In this case we were up against a well-recognized international WMS solution. 

DATASCOPE North America Inc. was registered in Charlotte, North Carolina in July. The office was officially opened in mid-September. The operation will be a technical support center to our existing and future resellers (DSP’s). We believe this strategic move is vital for the long term growth of DATASCOPE as it offers a significant dollar based income platform. This in turn allows us to invest in superior software development skills to grow the product further. 

Modern technology has allowed us to effectively run such an international footprint. Our zoom video conferencing facilities together with the ability to work remotely on servers all over the world today means that we can deliver the same high end results in North America as we have been doing here in South Africa. 

Further, our continuous focus on DATASCOPE University is laying the platform for online DATASCOPE WMS training and accreditation. Initially this will be shared with the DSP’s (DATASCOPE Solution Providers) but in future it will be rolled out to all customers. Our desire is to assist every DATASCOPE client to run an “A class” operation.

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