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In great economic times businesses expand and profitability grows.

We all enjoy these good years but often we become complacent during these times. When the tough times come we find that it is not so easy to ensure that the profitability remains as it was and we have to start managing costs and expenses carefully.

In distribution and manufacturing businesses we often find that one area that gets left behind in the good times is inventory control. While the business is thriving and turning great profits with great growth the inventory control systems do not always keep up to date. Soon we find that every time we complete a wall-to-wall stock count we have unexplainable variances.

As times become tougher we find that these variances cannot be left. It is simply not good enough to find at the end of a year of hard work that a substantial portion of profits are suddenly lost after a stock take write off. Inventory control becomes a key focus of a company’s asset control.

In the last two years we at DATASCOPE have seen an increase in the number of companies coming to us to implement the required controls to ensure that inventory stock losses are kept to a minimum.

DATASCOPE WMS offers very detailed controls for your business. We often refer to three key words: Control; Accuracy; Optimization. Step one of any DATASCOPE WMS implementation is to give you control of your operations. Once these controls are in place, and have forced the disciplines, then you can expect to get accuracy. Accuracy includes inventory accuracy but it goes far further than this. It extends to all aspects of accuracy including the timing of transactions, who did the transactions, who is working well and who is not etc. With this accuracy you now have the tools to generate powerful KPI measures, and it is these measures applied properly, that will take your operation to new heights (optimization).

Contact us if you would like to talk to clients with superior inventory accuracy of 99.95% and higher.

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