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At DATASCOPE we have come to realise the value in clear and effective communication.

Until recently one of the biggest stumbling blocks was the difficulty in communicating between our employees, who are typically anywhere between Port Elizabeth, Cape Town, Midrand, Chicago and Montreal and our valued clients. We evaluated many offerings to find a Video Conferencing solution that is cost effective, simple to use, quick to set up, and allows us not only to share content (such as presentations), but also to read the facial expressions of the person we are talking to.
When evaluating offerings from leading VC brands we soon realised the biggest issues were high cost and the lack of flexibility. We reviewed the Google Hangouts offering but realised that we needed a cloud based solution that is open ended enough that we can contact potential clients and our own staff without first going through an arduous setup.
We had been using a product called Zoom (www.zoom.us) for several months. Zoom recently introduced an offering called Zoom Rooms. This uses a small PC in conjunction with an iPad controller and two screens. We selected a Logitech kit for our HD Camera and Speakerphone (includes a noise cancelling Microphone). This is paired with two LG 55inch Television monitors, one shows video and the other shared content. Zoom Rooms is integrated into our Outlook calendars, allowing for very quick scheduling of meetings. We can also start an immediate meeting or share content from a laptop or via Apple Airplay from the iPad controller.
Individuals can also join the meeting via their Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop, allowing flexibility and mobility.
This has proved to be a very powerful tool! We are now able to market and demonstrate DATASCOPE WMS to customers anywhere in the world. Zoom is also reducing our need to travel (especially for project and support meetings). If you would like to find out how to contact us via Zoom, Feel free to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
“We are encouraging all our existing clients to invest in at least one Zoom VC conference room. The costs are reasonable and we intend to use this medium extensively going forward for support, training, new development demo’s etc. We are very willing to share our learnings with you.” Anton Jurgens

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