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2015 has been a very interesting and challenging year for us all.

The DATASCOPE Support Team has undergone a number of strategic changes, which we believe are all for the better. Javan moved across from managing new WMS projects to relieve Amy in heading up the support team early in the year. This was to allow Amy the freedom she needed to implement our first new international WMS site – Danesco.

A few interesting statistics for 2015 in support:

Total number of WMS customers: 32

Total number of WMS users locally & internationally: 1,300

Total number of support calls logged last year: 1,125

Of these 1,125, the largest portion of these were categorized as “Customer Requests”. These are requests such as on-site training, site tasks, DRS KPI reports, etc.

We now have a total of six resources in the Midrand support office, with another resource joining us in early March. The total combined WMS and SYSPRO experience in this office alone is over 30 years!

Our SYSPRO experience spans from the early versions of SYSPRO 6.0, issue 009 through to SYSPRO 7, Update 1, port 010.

We have implemented a number of internal system changes on our Customer Portal to assist our team and our customers. Customers can now pull their own billable hours report prior to billing. WMS upgrades, stock take standby and enhancements can now be logged electronically.


We are strict with regard to Root Cause Analysis. For instance, after every WMS upgrade, we hold an Upgrade Review Meeting, in which we discuss and analyze the issues experienced in the upgrade to put permanent fixes in place. All support calls resulting from a software defect are similarly analyzed and preventative plans are put in place to prevent recurrence.