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DATASCOPE WMS has grown a great deal over the past couple of years.

The primary driver around this growth has been the enhancement portal and changes that our customers have requested. This growth has been key to getting some of the fundamental modules into the system from real world experience. One of the key factors to ensure a software system is scalable, able to grow and evolve with the company using it is to provide the ability to customize functionality. The key is to allow this customization to be done without having to request enhancements. For this reason, DATASCOPE WMS has introduced Microsoft VB Scripting support within the DATASCOPE WMS screens. This allows our customers to introduce logic and customization without having to request system enhancements. These scripts are easy to create and edit from within the application screens provided the operator has the required permissions. Once saved, the scripts are immediately activated and the software behaves differently. This is the first of many steps DATASCOPE will be making to take the DATASCOPE WMS product to the next level of customization.....watch this space!!!