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Our customer day held on the 21st of January was well attended, short and sweet.

Quite a number of the DATASCOPE team presented various subjects over an hour and a half period. Anton opened the session explaining some of the achievements from 2015. Ben presented the four current projects and the key reasons for them selecting DATASCOPE. Javan presented a number of improvements in the support department and the resulting improvements in various KPI’s. Julia explained the current software testing cycle and some new improvements there. Peter showed a number of online platforms that we are building to create an improved customer user group forum and on-line training and documentation platform. Lastly Steven demonstrated the new custom scripting fields that we are rolling out through DATASCOPE WMS. This exciting enhancement will allow our customers to tailor their WMS to perform user defined functions – much like the scripting functions in SYSPRO.


We thank all who attended and look forward to the next customer day toward year end. The session was recorded. Existing clients can contact Adrian at DATASCOPE for a copy (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Merle Malcommess (MD SYSPRO Africa) and Todd Perlman (President of BT Partners) attended the Customer Day and gave pertinent input during the session.