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We are pleased to announce the selection of our second implementation partner in North America.

BT Partners based in Chicago have been a loyal SYSPRO VAR for the past 29 years. They are one of the largest SYSPRO VARs in the United States with some 180 clients.

Todd and Bert made the trip out to South African for the week of the 18th January. DATASCOPE’s management worked through the standard DSP registration process with them and took them to a number of existing DATASCOPE WMS sites. BT Partners have a number of years’ experience in implementing various WMS solutions for their clients but all previous solutions have not been ideal. As is the case in South Africa, most providers of WMS solutions in the USA do not have mature products for the SYSPRO community.

On their return to Chicago, Todd and Bert engaged with 3 of their key clients and all have shown an interest in implementing DATASCOPE WMS. Amy will be visiting Chicago for a week toward the end of February to complete detailed site walkthroughs as well as to start the formal training process with BT Partners.

We welcome BT Partners to the fold and look forward to a long and successful relationship.