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Visit to USA and Canada

Over the past 12 months we at DATASCOPE have found an increasing interest in our software in the USA and Canadian markets.

Further, with our first site now running smoothly in Canada, we felt the time was right to visit these two markets with a view to setting up a number of resellers and possibly opening a USA based office.

Anton Jurgens visited North America from mid-September to mid-October this year, visiting Montreal, Toronto, Chicago, Orange County, Chattanooga, Dalton, Orlando and Charlotte. During this visit a number of possible resellers were identified. One of these resellers will be visiting South Africa in January 2016 in view of becoming a DSP (reseller) in Chicago. Further, Anton visited the SYSPRO USA offices to discuss future plans for opening an office in Charlotte USA. This meeting was well received by SYSPRO USA and they have committed to support DATASCOPE in this expansion. Based on these meetings we have made the decision to open an office in Charlotte USA in 2016. This office will act as a technical support center to the DSP’s. (DATASCOPE Solution Providers)

During the visit we also met with a number of potential clients in Canada and the USA. Three of these companies have committed to implement the DATASCOPE WMS solution into their operations. Two of them will start in January 2016 and the third will start mid next year.

Training has been planned for our next USA based reseller in January 2016. This reseller is a large and successful SYSPRO VAR with a good client base. We expect to be implementing 2 or 3 sites with them in the USA next year.

The South African market obviously continues to be a key market to DATASCOPE and we have enjoyed a surge of new business here. We are currently implementing four new projects in South Africa, three in large distribution operations with many branches across the country and one in the manufacturing of packaging material.


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