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What's new? WMS Enhancements

Every month the DATASCOPE development team works behind the scenes in beefing up the DATASCOPE software and adding new and exciting functionality into WMS.

To date, we have 501 enhancements in the pipe-line, in various stages.  To appreciate the work required with this number, it is important to realise that every enhancement that is logged has a Functional Spec and a Technical Spec document drawn up.  This document is approved and signed off before any development takes place.  Once the development is complete, each e-ref is thoroughly tested in various ways internally and often is uploaded to a client’s site and tested on a local test environment.  Only once all parties are satisfied that all angles have been considered in the testing, will the e-ref be passed and available for an upgrade to a live site.

Some interesting and exciting enhancements we have been working on recently are:

 A. Copy/Paste functionality

There is a frequent need to toggle between WMS windows to compare and analyse data.  This requires certain filters to be applied to different screens and reports.  We have now added the right-click copy/paste functionality into a large number of windows and reports in version .32 to make this task easier.


B. Off-site Consignment Stock Module

There is a growing need in certain industries to cater for the control of off-site consignment stock.    Although these off-site warehouses are not controlled by DATASCOPE, we have been asked to provide a solution for our clients and have worked with them to develop a module which caters for their needs.

The Consignment Stock module requires a separate SYSPRO warehouse to be created in which the consignment stock is controlled.  This module is designed to manage the incoming stock, the transactions within the warehouse and the outgoing movements.  Because there is no physical movement of stock, these different transactions are automatically processed into SYSPRO (via e.net) every day, when the clients’ supplier sends a daily EDI Transactional Log file to the client to be processed.  This file contains all the movements for the day in the off-site warehouse and, based on certain tags within the file, these transactions are processed automatically into the client’s SYSPRO warehouse (e.g. invoices, credit notes, adjustments).


C. Operational Dashboards

The greatest benefit of a WMS is the real-time visibility of progress of almost every warehouse transaction within the operation.  The transactional data collected in DATASCOPE is becoming more and more valuable to our clients and we have been working hard on presenting this data in a more graphical way.

We have recently implemented an Operational Dashboard at one of our clients (see screenshot).

This Dashboard is designed to give the warehouse a quick overview of the progress of critical tasks within the operation and can be run for different date ranges.

We feel that the importance of such tools will start to increase as our clients seek to streamline their processes more and more and work on the efficiencies which bring financial results.

If you are interested in working with us to develop specific DATASCOPE dashboards for your company, we would be excited to assist.


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