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DATASCOPE WMS goes live in Canada!

Danesco, a Montreal-based, leading distributor of kitchenware products and accessories throughout Canada and the United States, selected to implement DATASCOPE WMS in February 2015.


 This project formed a milestone for DATASCOPE, as our first international project. We proudly partnered with Logi-Solutions Inc., a new DATASCOPE service provider based in Montreal, to implement and support Danesco.

After thorough process & material flow analysis, the project team agreed on a new warehouse layout, to move entire departments and functions into new areas as well as setup a single pickface bin per stock code. This had to be completed before stock take, while the warehouse was still operating, and was very well executed by Danesco with valuable buy-in from all levels of staff.

Stock take kicked off on June 16th, with Go-live officially beginning on June 22nd.  The site has seen large improvements in picking speed and checkout accuracy, with the users quickly learning DATASCOPE WMS, even if their home language is French. 

New functionality was added to the software for this project namely, 

• The creation of Mastershipment numbers to allow improved EDI or grouped order batch release, control and invoicing

• Pack station checkout to allow the recording of packing box dimensions, re-use of existing boxes, boxes specific to skus and customer-specific labels

The main benefits Danesco has seen to date include

• The ability to replenish the bins at any time of day or night, in the middle of picking

• Cycle counting has been implemented to improve stock accuracy

• Automatic invoicing has improved dispatch speed and handling

• Better visibility in terms of order status, turn-around time and fill rate.

Detailed KPI reports are now in place with targets set. Eric Lauzon, Operations Director, has the warehouse focusing on achieving these targets on an ongoing basis, and had the following comment on the implementation project: “The implementation of a new WMS was challenging for all our staff at first but it is now so rewarding to see them engaged and interested in their daily performance. Knowing that we are aware of their abilities and that there is the potential for recognition has added a new dimension to the work experience for employees at Danesco.”

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