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Over the past 10 years, DATASCOPE has held a Strategic Planning Workshop during March each year. A strategic analysis model, adopted from the University of Stellenbosch's Business School is used over this two day workshop.

The model covers the macro environment, porter’s competitive forces, competitor analysis, the external driving forces, strategic group maps, key industry success factors, current strategy, business model and value chain, internal issues, SWOT analysis, competitive strengths, and many more.

DATASCOPE was privileged to have Bradley Poliah (Managing Executive - Strategic Accounts - SYSPRO) give a presentation at this session. Bradley covered SYSPRO's recent performance locally plus internationally and also touched on how to manage key strategic accounts. Good learnings were noted from Bradley's presentation.

At the end of the two day workshop a new Business Plan is compiled for the following fiscal. A business theme is also adopted which is used to portray the essence of what we want to achieve. This fiscal we have adopted F16 - SUM OF ALL THE PARTS and related it back to F1 racing. It is a group effort from the R&D of the racing car, to the driver skills, to the actions in the pits, to the safety car etc. The core theme is specialised teamwork.

With DATASCOPE's growth in South Africa and the recent expansion into Canada, we will need teamwork from every employee in order to ensure that F16 is again another successful year.