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Super User Training

Attendees from four DATASCOPE WMS customers spent two full and interesting days at the DATASCOPE Midrand offices on 23rd & 24th April, participating in DATASCOPE’s annual Super User training course. Our “warehouse room” has been converted into a useful training centre, complete with laptops and scanners.

Day 1 of the Course focussed on the “softer” aspects of a WMS implementation and we discussed the three cornerstones of any successful implementation: Control, Accuracy and Optimization. We looked at what these three aspects are in principle and how they drive the right behaviour in a warehouse if implemented and measured correctly. We also demonstrated a few of the new and infrequently-used WMS modules (DATASCOPE’s “Notification System” and the Cycle Count Scheduler were both very well received!) and touched on some nifty nice-to-haves and ideas which can be used in the warehouse. We touched on a number of common user errors, which any Super User should know how to resolve.

Day 2 focussed on more technical aspects – e.g. scanner and printer settings, different server infrastructures and Intermec’s SmartSystems’ scanner remote-access tool. There was a lot of interest in the overview of DRS (DATASCOPE Reporting Services) – the SSRS tool we are now using extensively to teach our customers how to write their own warehouse reports.

During the two days, we discussed problems each client is facing in their respective warehouses and workshopped different solutions. Each customer explained their warehouse processes, which was certainly a benefit to the others. The achievements which some of our customers have accomplished with DATASCOPE WMS is truly inspiring!

The sessions ended with an overview of our Enhancement System and a Q&A for any current support issues. Each attendee went away with many good ideas and a flash-disk full of professional resource material (e.g. instructional guides, videos and install files for useful management tools).

An on-line survey was performed the following week, which yielded some interesting and insightful feedback. Both attendees and trainers alike enjoyed the two days and the learnings and experience from all the participants was eye-opening to us all.

We will be looking at scheduling regular focussed training sessions on different aspects and DATASCOPE modules, which will be advertised in due course. We look forward to seeing you on these courses in the near future.