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WMS ePOD System

We have spent a number of hours with one of our large clients to workshop a new WMS module which we will be calling WMS ePOD.  This is a strategic module that takes the aspect of stock control beyond the walls of the warehouse and out into the field of delivery.


WMS ePOD is an electronic POD system, designed to electronically load stock onto trucks at the DC via scanners within network range, and then off-load the goods electronically at the client’s customers via scanners using the GPS network.  Electronic signature capture and photograph functionality are two key features of this new module.  WMS ePOD will be designed for use on CipherLab scanner devices – a less expensive alternative to the Intermec CK3 range, but built-for-purpose truck deliveries in the field.

Once goods have been off-loaded using the mobile CipherLabs, customers are required to sign electronically on-screen and these POD’s are automatically transmitted back to the DC via the cellphone network.  This functionality greatly facilitates our clients by pin-pointing exactly when and where deliveries have been made and gives instant information to the sales staff when querying order statuses.

CipherLab scanners are ultra-fast devices and have built in cellphone and camera functionality which proves very useful in today’s fast-paced distribution environment.
WMS ePOD is in the process of being developed and will be released towards the end of the first quarter of 2015.

Just another DATASCOPE WMS module which gives our SYSPRO clients the competitive strategic advantage to outstrip their competition in their respective industries!