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New Site Go Live

 While most companies enjoyed a well-earned break at the end of 2014, most of DATASCOPE’s employees worked through shutdown to prepare for three go lives in January.

One of these go lives was an existing client of ours that has moved into new premises and has implemented a full conveyer and voice picking solution. This is our second implementation of an automated conveyer based warehousing operation (Jonsson Workwear being the first) and we see more clients in time investing in this sort of solution. Although it is expensive and should only be considered by high volume distribution warehouses, it offers substantial return on investment values. Coupled with voice picking in the high volume picking zones and normal scanner transactions for all supporting movements, this warehouse model takes a distribution centre to a new level. Beside the operational efficiency improvements there is the wow factor for potential clients. In the case where a company distributes international brands on behalf of a principle, this mode of operation goes a long way in winning new brands