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DATASCOPE Forms Teaming Agreement with EOH

EOH has selected DATASCOPE as one of their preferred Warehouse Management teaming partners. EOH will evaluate the WMS requirement with their SYSPRO client and where the business strategic requirements fit DATASCOPE WMS models, DATASCOPE will be introduced.

There are two working models that have been agreed. The first one is merely an initial lead introduction with the client and the second model is where there is a joint parallel implementation. (I.e. EOH implement SYSPRO whilst DATASCOPE implements WMS).

The benefits of this business relationship are:

EOH’s SYSPRO clients are introduced to the premium WMS partner in South Africa. DATASCOPE will work with these customers to take their businesses to the next strategic competitive level.

DATASCOPE is introduced to EOH’s SYSPRO customer base where there is a WMS requirement and the fit is right.

Obviously there are commercial benefits involved.

DATASCOPE will be working closely with EOH’s senior management to ensure a detailed understanding of DATASCOPE WMS functionality and into which environments it is best fitted.



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