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International Expansion

Having recently formed a working alliance with SYSPRO Australia to distribute our DATASCOPE WMS solution in the Australasian countries, we have been very busy building a formal distribution channel model.


This model involves a detailed web portal that offers back end support, training material and software manuals to our remote DSP’s (DATASCOPE Solution Providers).

Further to the Australian expansion we are currently engaging with a SYSPRO VAR in Canada. This VAR has 7 large SYSPRO sites all looking for an effective barcoding/WMS solution. Over the past 3 years they have attempted to implement a number of different solutions which have all been less than satisfactory.

At this point the VAR has evaluated 7 WMS solutions in North America and have shortlisted down to two solutions; DATASCOPE WMS being one of the two. More news to follow on this in due course.

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