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DATASCOPE WMS on Google Glass

DATASCOPE recently took on a challenge to develop a small Picking app for Google Glass. The idea was to create a simple application running natively on Glass and allowing an operator to login, assign and pick a WMS picking slip.

There were several challenges here, Google Glass only recently became available in South Africa and WMS is written in native c#.Net code while Google Glass runs on Android. We managed to overcome the first challenge by importing a pair from the USA (at a price) and the second we used a product called Xamarin to compile the c# code to work on the Android platform. The net result was an interesting application that works well but practically not viable in a warehouse at this stage. The main idea here was to take on the challenge and show what can be done with the hardware within WMS.

View a short video clip on You Tube at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQsKR1dQ_DQ


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